6 Things to Do in Centerville Ohio for Your Kids

6 Things to Do in Centerville Ohio for Your Kids

In a town whose official tagline is “Warm and Cheerful,” this should unsurprising that things to do in Centerville Ohio, boasts a slew of kid-friendly attractions, including a mix of recreational and cultural activities. Centerville and Washington Township share a boundary, and its park service maintains 44 parks totaling more than 900 hectares of green urban space. Dayton, approximately 20 minutes southwest of Centerville, has important child-friendly attractions that are often seen in larger towns. In this article, we will share the top 5 things to Do in Centerville Ohio for your Kids.

Annual Events and Attractions

Annual Events and Attractions
Annual Events and Attractions

Centerville offers the annual Summer Concert Series from early June to early September. Musical performers including big bands, bluegrass, patriotic, and oldies will perform at the Stubbs Park Amphitheater. People dance and picnic beneath the stars, eating cuisine from nearby restaurants. Attend the Centerville-Washington County Americana Festival to celebrate the Fourth of July. The festivities begin with a spectacular procession including patriotic brass bands and floats. A petting zoo, hayrides, bouncy castles, games, and live entertainment are among the kid-friendly attractions available at the fair. A talent show is also held for performers aged 19 and under. The evening comes to a close with a fireworks show.

Playground and Park

Visit nearby parks to get a taste of the great outdoors. Stubbs Park’s leisure activities for youngsters have included an outdoor in-line hockey rink, tennis and hoops courts, and a cutting-edge playground created from recyclable materials, in addition to the music series. Activity Center Park, which is connected to Elizabeth Hoy Campground, features baseball diamonds and ball fields.

There’s also a temporary playground, which is open from Memorial Day weekend until early September and allows youngsters to play with dump barrels and splash in waterfalls. Grant Park in Washington Township is more than 185 acres in size and features nature programs throughout the year, sledding slopes, fire rings for campfires, and a half-mile nature walk where kids may play games, solve puzzles, and learn about animals while being guided by a naturalist.

Letters and Arts

Townhall Theatre in adjacent Washington Township specializes in children’s shows. The children’s theater puts on four productions a year, usually family-friendly musicals. Experienced and community artists of all ages are included in the Landmark Children’s Series. All-kid casts are included in A.C.T. Showcase Series performances.

Discover the world of literature at the Washington Centerville Library System, which has two locations in Centerville. There are 2.3 million books in rotation at the libraries, including children’s literature. Sing-along performances, storytime sessions, dancing workshops, Lego building competitions, scientific laboratories, craft workshops, and board game parties are also held at the branches for children aged baby to teen.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

The 1905 Wright Flyers III, the very first airplane designated as a National Monument, is one of the complex’s must-sees. The Wright Cycle Factory, where visitors can explore the Wright Brothers’ cycling store and discover about the early years of Orville and Wilber Wright’s ventures into transport and even printing, is another important destination in the park.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park -Things to Do in Centerville Ohio
Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park- Things to Do in Centerville Ohio for Your Kids

Another worthwhile trip is the Paul Laurence Desmond House, where you may learn about one of the most important African American writers. Because the park is large and there are numerous things to do, from riding the Flight Trail to taking a Ranger-led tour, you should start by visiting the visitor center to obtain an overview.

Nature Calls

Cox Arboretum is located in Dayton, about ten minutes northwest of Centerville. The arboretum, which has approximately 200 acres of gardens, has 2.5 miles of pathways that go through deep forests, rock gardens, and meadows strewn with wildflowers, beneath blossoming arbors, and alongside tiny ponds. Ascend the 46-foot-tall Tree Towers for panoramic views of the arbor, test their mettle in the boxwood maze, or enjoy a nice walk through to the Butterfly House, which is home to a variety of colorful local butterflies.

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, also in Dayton, is a kid-friendly nature museum with interactive exhibits. A gigantic globe floating in limbo, an African corpse, the Hall of the Galaxy (which investigates the cosmos), and the Splash exhibition (which explores the significance of floods in the Miami Valley Area) are among the permanent displays. There’s also a toddler play area and an outside tree house.

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery – Things to Do in Centerville Ohio for Your Kids

At the Boonshoft Center of Discovery, get your hands dirty with these hands-on science projects. The center hosts visiting exhibitions throughout the year as well as permanent displays for all ages, including Kids Place, which has interactive learning activities created exclusively for children under the age of four.

Visit the Discovery Zoo, which has over 100 species, and the Tidal Pool, where you may plunge your hands into the water and feel a starfish. The Physics on Sphere exhibit is a must-see at the museum. The experience takes place on a 68-inch projection picture of the planet, giving you an up-close look at landscapes from across the world.

Above are 6 Things to Do in Centerville Ohio for Your Kids. Thanks for your reading. We hope your next trip to Ohio will be a memorable experience.

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