Top 7 Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica

Top 7 Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica
Despite the lack of distinct Asian Food in Santa Monica, the vast continent’s traditional dishes have become obvious strengths of the coastal city’s vibrant eating scene. Learn about 10 Restaurants to eat intriguing food from China, India, and Japan in Santa Monica, as well as how to select from pan-Asian menus which defy easy classification.


CASSIA - Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica
CASSIA – Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica

Bryant Ng, the 2012 Food & Wine Best New Chef, and his wife Kim Luu-Ng collaborated with local whether Josh Loeb & Zoe Nathan from the Rustic Canyon Group of Eateries on Cassia. The base of a 1937 Art Deco structure houses their sophisticated, multi-faceted 200-seat Asian brasserie.

Their raw bar offers delectable dishes like “sunbathing” prawns mixed with Fresno chiles, garlic, and Vietnamese spicy sauce. Delectable foods such as pig’s tails and full butterflied sea bass may be cooked on a wood barbecue. Vietnamese pots au feu, Asian-influenced charcuterie, and tandoor-fired flatbread with accompaniments such as chopped escargot and pig meatballs in cashew curry are all on the menu.


In 1983, Wolfgang Puck and designer Barbara Lazaroff opened Chinois on Main, which helped promote Asian fusion. With the guidance of longstanding chef Rene Mata, this spacious, art-lined eatery with chandeliers and a colorful orchid-lined window stays alive. Chinois chicken salad, barbecued Szechwan pork with spicy shallot coriander sauce, and Shanghai crab with chili sauce and crunchy spinach are all classics.

A complimentary tableside filleting display is included with the entire sizzling catfish featuring flaky flesh and savory ponzu dipping sauce. Pan-seared Hama Hama oysters with mild curry are presented on the quarter in a mild cucumber salsa with salmon “pearls” (aka eggs).


In 2015, Tomonori Takahashi, the founder of JINYA Ramen Bar, established a branch of his growing business along Main Street. The glass-fronted outpost has wood booths & counter stools inside, as well as an umbrella-shaded terrace with a community table and a central fire pit. JINYA serves a variety of chicken, pork, and veggie ramens, as well as a rotating chef’s special.

Spicy sausage ramen featuring chicken broth, crumbled beef meatballs, pak choi, bean sprouts, onions, seasoned egg, scorching “JINYA original chile flavor,” and thick noodles might be on the menu. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they created the “green monster,” which combines green chicken broth with kale puree, green onions, crisp kale, fried onions, chicken chashu, and vegetable noodles. At JINYA, ramen reigns supreme, although tiny meals like chicken karaage are popular side dishes.



Kazunori Nozawa and son Tom Nozawa collaborated with business associates Jerry Greenberg, Lele Massimini, Cameron Broumand, and Clement Mok to launch SUGARFISH by sushi Nozawa in 2008, followed by KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar in 2014. Their beachfront Santa Monica location has a three-sided wooden bar and “Fish Market” on grey panels at the rear.

Guests might order single-hand turnovers with warm rice tucked in crunchy nori wrappers, but combinations are more popular. Silky Faroe Islands fish with sesame oil, bay scallops wrapped with mayo and masago, and Nozawa’s famous blue crab hand roll with mayo are among the highlights. Specials on the menu may include Santa Barbara micro, albacore, and salmon skin.

5. MOM & BOP

Michelle Yum is a Seoul-born caterer who attended community college in Philadelphia and worked in Manhattan for a decade before relocating to Los Angeles. Her first restaurant is Mom & Bop. Salads and bowls over kale, brown rice, violet rice, or glass noodles are the specialties of this strip mall facility next to Santa Monica College.

Fat Belly is made up of delicious roasted pork bellies, corn, crunchy vegetables, edamame, cucumbers kimchi, fried onions, kimchi chimichurri, and if you’re wise, a soft soy-pickled egg. Spam, little sausages, dried anchovy, sliced walnuts, sunny-side-up egg, and house-made kimchi shine in Mom & Bop’s Wake-up Breakfast dish. Bulgogi kimchi chips and beef pancakes in chile oil are two tasty appetizers.


Samosa House, a prominent fast-casual Indian concept created in Culver City, is located on Main Street. The area features bright yellow and orange walls with sunburst designs and mismatched wood tables. The majority of customers come for combination plates, selecting from steam trays laden with delicacies such as matar paneer (Indian cheese & pea stew), charcoal smoked cauliflower, and kathal (jackfruit).

Chole bhature consists of puffy fried bread sprinkled with fennel seeds that are served with cooked chickpeas, sour yogurt sauce, and punchy mangoes pickle. Tomato chili involving is a giant chickpea and rice-wheat pancake covered with spicy sauce, onions, and cilantro and served with sambar, smokey tomato sauce, and coconut sauce.


SUNNY BLUE - Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica
SUNNY BLUE – Restaurants to Eat Asian Food in Santa Monica

Sunny Blue, a modest glass-fronted shop on Main Street managed by Keiko Nakashima, with six chairs and an above menu specialized to omusubi (Japanese rice balls). All omusubi are dusted with ultra-savory furikake, wrapped in thin crispy nori, and served in cardboard boats. Popular dishes include earthy miso fungus with King oyster, enoki mushrooms, and Ebi mayo, as well as sweet chopped shrimp mixed with creamy mayo. Spicy tuna bacon & daikon edamame are two possible specials. Cool, crunchy gobo mixed in bonito sauce and equally crisp and pungent daikon salad mixed in tart ponzu dressing are complementary side dishes.

In the above article, we have compiled a list of the top 7 restaurants to eat Asian Food in Santa Monica, hope you will have a great experience when traveling in Santa Monica.

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