Heyday speaker review: Is it really that good?

Heyday Speaker Review

We determined that the heyday speaker is an okay, but unspectacular, device after rigorous testing. Due to the low cost (MSRP < $30), we consider it a good deal. In terms of sound performance, durability, and value, the Altec Aachen Baby Boom XL exceeds the typical round strap loudspeaker in the affordable price bracket. Keep reading for the entire assessment of the heyday speaker review.

Heyday Speaker Sound

Heyday speaker review: Sound
Heyday speaker review: Sound

The quality of sound is average, but somewhat above average for the price range. The heyday is a significant improvement above most off-brand, low-cost speakers, but it costs far less than Baby Boom XL or Clip 3, both of which we recently evaluated. The loudness rises astonishingly for a $30 5 watt speaker, but the sound quality degrades at high levels. The speaker isn’t suitable for outdoor usage since the sound quality degrades at levels exceeding 70%.

However, it is perfect for small or medium-sized spaces. If you’re used to playing music via your phone’s speaker, the speaker will be a huge improvement. On the other hand, if you regularly listen to music via a high-end JBL, Bose, or Ultimate Ears device, the heyday cannot compete.

The item has a lot of power and is of good quality. High pitches can be sudden and have a faint static sound. If you listen to talk shows or podcasting, you will realize that the spoken voices lack crispness and clarity.

Design of Heyday Speaker

The classic circular strap gets high points for design. The silicone material offers the speaker a fashionable and one-of-a-kind appearance. And it has a wonderful feel to it and is simple to hold. The device’s circular form and unobtrusive buttons give it a sleek look, and it would fit in nicely on a bookcase or media stand. And I prefer the appearance without the branding.
Design of Heyday Speaker 
Design of Heyday Speaker

One side of the silicone band opens to show the power & Bluetooth connecting buttons. This seems useless considering both buttons function well without detaching the strap.

The strap on the other side unfolds to show the charging port. The strap is securely fastened, and a plug further rain gear the charging outlet. Did we mention how waterproof this thing is? The IPX7 classification is usual for a submersible speaker, indicating that it could be immersed for 30 minutes at a height of one meter.

The heyday is a Goal item that can only be purchased on the Target website. Just at the time of publication, the only colors available were black, white, & olive green. Heyday once had additional color possibilities (other hues may be found on the used marketplace), but we’re not sure whether they’ll bring them back.

The durability of Heyday Speaker

The heyday circular strap Bluetooth speaker is waterproof to IPX7 standards. As previously stated, this implies it can resist 30-minute submergence at a depth of up to a meter. It is not exactly sand, and it’s well coated and long-lasting.  We offer the heyday speaker top scores for overall durability. The silicone shell protects the device from scratches, dents, and scuffs. It can also resist medium-height drops. We didn’t test any fall higher than 4 feet, so experiment around your own risk.

The speaker’s structure is circular and has no readily broken sections, which adds to its longevity. The device is additionally covered by a one-year guarantee from Heyday. You should be able to rely on this guarantee since it is a Target brand. In this price range, getting a warranty honored by Target is a significant benefit to this device.

Because of the waterproof certification, the strong and dent-proof construction, and the absence of documented quality concerns, we are confident in awarding the product a high durability grade.


The heyday’s battery life is rated at up to eight hours, and our research revealed that this figure is pretty accurate. At regular listening settings, you can expect 6+ hours of playback time per recharge, which is a good amount for a device in this price category. A complete charging cycle takes approximately 3 hours, however, Heyday claims 3-4 hours.

User Experience & Features

The strap conceals and waterproofs the speaker’s USB connector and controls while also adding aesthetic flair. The item was straightforward to pair with Bluetooth, and we had no problems with the connection. Heyday claims a 33-foot Bluetooth distance, but our tests revealed a good connection even at greater distances.
User Experience & Features
Heyday speaker review: User Experience & Features

The heyday speaker was very well, but it’s a little larger than you’d like for a real “compact” speaker. The box is too large to fit into a workout bag or handbag; instead, it’s an appropriate size for a desktop computer or bathroom counter. Heyday promotes “real wireless stereo,” which may be achieved by linking two heyday speakers. We can’t testify to the functionality of this function because we only evaluated one device.

Overall, the heyday isn’t a feature-rich speaker, but it serves its purpose well. This device provides good sound quality, an attractive design, and easy user-friendly operation for a sub-$30 mobile Bluetooth speaker.


We evaluated some excellent speakers within a sub-$50 price bracket that provide superior value. At the same moment, for $30, you couldn’t get worse than a heyday speaker. The loudspeaker is well-designed, long-lasting, and waterproof, making it ideal for use as a dormitory or shower speaker.

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