How to scan from camera on an iPhone and Android

How to scan from camera on an iPhone

It’s simple to read a QR code; just take out your phone, point the camera at the code, and presto, you’ve just retrieved the data. But what if you have to use the iPhone’s built-in QR code reader? The alternative is to take out another phone and scan it, but I know of a better solution. Let’s look at how to scan from camera in this post!

How to scan from camera on an iPhone

Third-Party App

How to scan from camera on an iPhone
How to scan from camera on an iPhone

The Camera app on the iPhone comes with a built-in QR code reader. But it is impossible to read the QR code from pictures. A simple app called Qrafter can also scan a QR code from a picture. Install the app first on your iPhone to get started. After installation is complete, open the app and select “Scan from Photo Albums”. You can move and resize an image using the app, which will result in a speedier response time from the app because it won’t need to scan the full image for the code.

The information concealed in a QR code is revealed when you tap an image that contains one. The information can then be copied to the clipboard, sent by email or text message, among other options.

The program is smart enough to present you with additional choices if the QR code contains data other than just plain text. For instance, if you scan a QR code that contains the URL for a video on YouTube, you will be given the choice to access the URL, view the movie in the app, share the URL via email, etc.

Although the software is simple to use, every time you try to scan a QR code from a picture, an advertisement appears. Additionally, in order to access the information in the photo inside the app, you must manually open it. The next technique will be more helpful if you scan QR code images more frequently.

Google Photos

How to scan from camera
How to scan from camera

Here is a compelling argument for having Google Photos on your iPhone if you don’t already like it. The built-in Google Lens feature in Google Photos can identify things in any image, including QR codes. Installing Google Photos is as simple as doing so from the App Store. Open the app, then give it permission to access your Camera Roll. Open the image with the QR code once you have seen all the images in the app.

At the bottom, click the Google Lens symbol. The image processing and information pop-up would take a short while. It’s quite simple to scan QR codes with Google Photos, and there is no advertising to worry about. However, using this software has disadvantages of its own.

For instance, it can only scan images from the Camera Roll and won’t let you access any app features unless you register. These can be annoying, but fear not—the following technique will enable QR code scanning on the iPhone anyplace.

Shortcuts for Siri

With the help of this technique, you may scan QR codes from photos using Siri Shortcuts. You can still scan a QR code that you discover online because it functions even in a web browser. Install the shortcut from this site to get started. After installing the shortcut, launch the Shortcuts app and long-press the shortcut to see the context menu. Choose “Details.”

This shortcut will currently only appear in the Share Sheet of Images. We’ll broaden it to include everything so that it appears in programs like Files, Safari, etc. Tap “Select All” after choosing “Share Sheet Types.” Return and click “Done.” All that’s left to do is use your iPhone to scan the QR code image from any location.

How to scan from camera
How to scan from camera

I opened a QR code on Safari to see how it works. The Context menu appears when you press the image for a long time. When you tap the Share button, a share sheet appears; choose “QR Reader from Images” to start scanning. Even other programs like WhatsApp, Photos, Files, etc. are compatible with it. This was contained in a QR code that I received from a friend. Enjoy.

How to scan from camera on Android

You can scan a QR code if your phone is running Android 8 or later by launching the camera app, pointing it at the QR code, then touching the pop-up message. Use the Google Lens app to scan the QR code if you can’t see the pop-up banner.

Get your Android phone’s Camera app open. Swiping up from the bottom of your screen will bring up the camera app for you to use. You can also type “Camera” into the search box on your home screen by tapping on it.

After that, use your Android device to scan the QR code. Ensure that the QR code can be read from the viewfinder from all four corners. A pop-up banner ought to show if your version of Android is version 8 or higher.

Tap the pop-up banner to finish. Make sure you understand what the banner does before tapping on it because doing so will instantly take you to the website, launch the app, or carry out another action.


Some easy ways to read a QR code from an image were presented above. Even though I don’t mind going above and beyond to solve these little issues, iOS should adopt this functionality, just like they did with the Camera app’s QR code scanning. Safari immediately recognizes QR codes, however, it doesn’t output any information. Okay, perhaps in the future. How do you feel? Do you scan a QR code on your iPhone like a caveman and use a different phone? Tell me in the comments section below.


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